Can we test demo The Bridge?

Of course. We understand the needs behind managing events and and want you to explore all that The Bridge has to offer you in your planning. Simply fill out the Demo Request Form located at the bottom of our home page to get started.


Can attendees request meetings through The Bridge?

One of the most-loved features of The Bridge is our meeting request system. Event attendees have the ability to log into their own dashboards for the event, request meetings with others, view/accept/decline meeting requests from attendees, auto-schedule or manually schedule meetings, and export schedules to Outlook calendars or in PDF form.


Do you support third party registration sites?

Yes, we do. In the event that you'd like to use our 1x1 scheduling system, but not our registration portal, we can 100% work with your third party registration site to integrate it with our scheduling software.


Can you customize my platform?

Yes we can! We set up personalized, branded platforms for each of our clients to offer aesthetic functionality and brand consistency. There are an impressive number of capabilities that lie within The Bridge and we're happy to structurally prioritize the ones you find the most helpful, and hide those you don't need.


Can we meet in person?

We love people. We are centrally located in New York City and we're happy to set up in-person demos, tutorials and client prospect meetings within the surrounding area or at our home location.


How do I contact you?

Feel free to reach out to us via email or give us a call.

P: (646) 378-2931

E: help@troutgroup.com