Features Overview

Below you can find further information on each of the key features and tools of The Bridge 1x1 and Event Management System

Presentation, panel and speaker schedules available to all attendees with quick and easy scheduling features that allow attendees to add the presentations they wish to attend straight to their schedules with a click of a button.

Quick, easy and efficient registration available through our system. Prefer not to use our registration system? We can work with your current system to provide you with our powerful scheduling system, independent of the registration.

Convenient and easy bulk invitations, feedback questionaaires, meeting reminders, and any other outreach you might see necessary using our in-system email outreach functions.

On the go? Use our mobile app to check meeting times, presentation schedules, contact bios and any other important piece of information during your event or conference.


Why leave your attendees guessing? Provide guests with travel, hotel and restaurant recommendations via our convenient fill-in fields.

We've integrated Campaign Monitor for easy and convenient outreach and feedback efforts. Simply sign into your current account through our system and begin sending anything from bulk invites to targeted feedback questionnaires.

Set up RSVP and information sites for all special events being held during your conference, including cocktail events, special panels and presentations, etc.

Auto-generate a custom event landing page for attendees to RSVP to special events, request meetings, register and access important information regarding the event.


The Bridge 1x1 and Event Management System allows for individualized 1x1, presentation, and panel schedules for attendees and presenters.


Our administrator dashboard is where the power lies. Through the dashboard, the event organizer can view RSVP responses, meeting requests, attendee schedules, customize features and much more.


Attendees have the ability to view meetings requests from others, decline, accept, auto-schedule or manually schedule the meetings into the system, effectively being able to control their own meetings.


Our system understands the necessity for easy access and easy scheduling during conferences and events. With our system you can easily export your meeting schedule to your Outlook or Apple iCal calendar.